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AUDI S8 CANVAS BEIGE LY1X Touch Up Paint Repair Detailing Kit

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Touch Up Paint Repair Detailing Kit is ideal for repairing Scratches and Stone Chips.
This Paint Kit is Suitable for AUDI S8 CANVAS BEIGE. During the Years: 2000-2005
Included in this kit:
30ML of AUDI S8 LY1X CANVAS BEIGE Touch Up Paint
30ML Of Anti Rust Grey Primer Undercoat
30ML of SP5000 Scooby Paints Compound Cutting Polish Paste
Scooby's Paints Sanding Aid
4 x Alcohol Wipes
5 x Fine Spear Paint tips
5 Cut to Size P1500 Super fine sand Paper
A Scooby's Paint box ideal for storing you paint in the glove box of the car, or presenting as a gift for the Car enthusiast