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Austin-Healey 100/Metero Classic Car Paints

Expert Advice on Austin-Healey 100/Metero Classic Car Painting Solutions

The Metro was a small and affordable car made by British Leyland and its successors. It started in 1980 as the Austin miniMetro. It was made to go with the Mini car and created with the name LC8. The Metro had different names over its 18-year life: Austin Metro, MG Metro, and Rover Metro. It was renamed as the Rover 100 series in January 1995. There were also vans called the Morris Metro and later, Metrovan. When the Metro first came out, it was sold as part of the Austin brand. Starting in 1982, MG versions were made and could be purchased. In 1987, the car called Austin became known only as the Metro and was sold under that name. From 1990 until it was taken off the market in 1997, the Metro was only available for purchase as a Rover. The R3 generation Rover 200 was made to be a new version of the Metro, but it wasn't advertised that way once it was released. The new MINI that came out in 2001 was about the same size as the Metro, but it wasn't meant to completely replace it. Instead, BMW made the new MINI after separating the Mini brand from the rest of the old Rover Group.