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Riley Kestrel Classic Car Paints

Expert Advice on Riley Kestrel Classic Car Painting Solutions

This was a small sports car. The car was first made in 1933 with a 9 horsepower engine. It was a type of car called a four light saloon. From 1936 onwards, it had more powerful engines of 12, 14/6, and 15/6. At that time, it changed to a sleek style of car called a six light saloon. In 1934, a car called 12/6 was tested on the road and went faster than 70 miles per hour. In 1937, another car called 12/4 was tested on the road and went faster than 80 miles per hour. After Nuffield took control, the car was revived as a 16 horsepower Big Four. It was produced from 1938 to 1940 or 1941 with wire wheels, and later with disc wheels. There were three choices: regular with standard features, special with two carburettors, or Sprite with various upgrades like different cams and magnetos. Many people bought a car that was called Kestrel Sprites. The insides of Kestrel Sprites had a device that counts how fast the engine is going.
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