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Alfa Romeo 145 Anthracite Grey Alloy Wheel Aerosol Spray Paint 319/B

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Alfa Romeo 145 Anthracite Grey Alloy Wheel Aerosol Spray Paint 319/B 2010-2016
Say goodbye to Scuff marks, kerbing damage, stone chips and scratches with This Alloy Wheel Aerosol repair Kit.
Alloy Wheel Rim Aerosol Spray Repair kit includes:
1 X Alfa Romeo 145 Anthracite Grey Alloy Wheel Basecoat Paint (400ml)
1 x Spray Aerosol of Bare Metal Aluminium Etch Primer
1 x Spray Aerosol High Gloss Clear Lacquer
This kit is intended for the respray of Alloy Wheel Rims, the paint supplied is Base coat paint and the colour is a Alfa Romeo 145 Wheel colour and not an Aftermarket wheel paint, Careful selection of the colour is important as many different colours where used for Alfa Romeo Wheels, we have most colours listed here, but this is not a complete guide.
One kit will paint two well prepared ( 16 inch ) Wheels, but this is just a guide, as paint coverage will depend greatly on your preparation.
For best results when painting Alfa Romeo 145 alloy wheels here is a Step by Step Guide.
(1.) Remove the Wheel from the Car, thoroughly Clean and dry the wheel.
(2) Sand down all Scuff marks and imperfections.
(3) Fill Small dents, scrapes or scuffs with a suitable aluminium body filler.
(4) Sand down the Alloy Wheel to a smooth painting surface.
(5) Spray 2-3 Light Coats of bare metal aluminium etch primer
(6) Allow 10 - 15 minutes flash off time between coats.
(7) apply 2-3 Coats Base coat Alfa Romeo 145 Spray Paint.
(8) Allow 10-15 Minutes between Coats.(9) After the last coat of paint Allow A further 30 minutes before the next step.
(10) Apply 2-3 Coats of High Gloss Clear Lacquer ( 10 -15 Minutes Between Coats)
(11) Leave the work to fully cure overnight before Driving or washing the Wheels.